Friday, March 19, 2010

how can I rid the ants without hurtin my cats?

By Cari
"I'd like to thank the termite guy for coming back to exterminate the termites he said didn't exist when we bought the house.

Keep kitchen area clean, dry, and free of

Promptly clean up food and drink spills.

Rinse recyclable cans and bottles and store
in pest-proof containers.

Keep pet and human food in pest-proof

Empty wastebaskets frequently.

Block access. Seal cracks in the foundation
and block entrances around pipes, vents,
wires, etc.

Keep screens, weatherstripping, and door
sweeps in good repair.

Promptly repair leaks and moisture

Clean gutters.

Keep trees, shrubs, and mulch at least 12
inches away from the house.

If grass grows up to the house, keep it
mowed low.

Kill wandering ants found indoors.

Trace ant trails to entry. Seal entry and
remove food source. Vacuum ants. Wash
trail with soapy water to remove scent
released by ants to lead others.

Use sticky cardboard traps or glue boards to
detect new infestations.
Destroy ant nests located where people are at
high risk from bites. Poke holes in the nest
while slowly pouring in soapy water.
pouring in
the soapy
the nest
until no live ants are seen.

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